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You’ll be amazed!

“I have been a happy patient of Marcie’s for many years since she opened her practice.
She has helped me with many physical issues probably more than physicians! I recently had Covid, even though I had been fully vaccinated. Luckily it was a mild case, but recovery was slow and weeks later I still felt weak. I received an acupuncture treatment and some herbs and already I feel much better: almost back to my full strength and stamina. Sceptics check it out! You will be amazed!”


-Sharon S. 09/15/2021

Knee pain and digestive challenges

Marcie first treated me for knee pain and digestive challenges. I quickly felt better, and while I maintain visits for optimal health, we also added acupuncture for facial rejuvenation.

It’s empowering to look and feel energized and healthy…inside and out.

— Debbie L.

Severe allergies

I’ve struggled with severe allergies on a daily basis my whole life. Having exhausted other treatments, such as allergy shots, that ultimately proved useless, I tried acupuncture. In one year of treatment with Marcie, my allergies are easily 90% better! Thanks Marcie for helping me breathe through my nose again!

— Lauren L.

I was able to walk upright without pain

I walked into her office extremely hunched over with a lot of back pain. After she treated me I was able to walk upright without pain. I cannot say enough good things about Marcie Falco and her care.

— Jeff L.

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